Monday, February 25, 2013

High Resolution Images with Microsoft ICE

I recently downloaded a free product from Microsoft called Microsoft ICE - for "Image Composite Editor".

Microsoft ICE allows you to take dozens - even hundreds - of images, and stitch them together to make enormously high resolution images.

The images that were used to generate the panorama.
I took 22 images of the Sutter Buttes, above, just using my eye to estimate the overlap between images.

When I got back to my computer, I processed the RAW images into JPEGs and then simply dragged the JPEGs into ICE.

The panorama in Microsoft ICE.
In less that a minute, ICE converted the images into a large scale panoramic photograph.

The final stitch - click on image to view larger.
With the dimensions of 13,685 by 7158 pixels, it could easily be printed 10 feet wide... if you could find a printer large enough to handle such a large print.

100% crop.
The detail contained in the image is phenomenal, as this 100% crop of the right-hand peak shows.

I get a lot of requests for large images to be used as murals, and I'll be using ICE more and more to generate extremely high resolution images.

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