Monday, February 18, 2013

Baseball Season... It's Coming

OK, I admit, I love baseball. Major league, minor league, bush league, college. It doesn't matter - I love going to baseball games.

I don't even know why, really, but I always have.

That makes winter a really long season for me, because I spend much of it waiting for baseball to return. But baseball is coming! Major League Spring training games start this week, and Chico State's season has already started. I'll be at their second home game this Thursday.

All of that love for baseball went into the inspiration for this image of winter.

Though the bats and gloves may have been forgotten for the winter in a dark corner of the garage, along with old cans of paint and a rake, spring is almost here! The dust and leaves will be brushed off and the gloves will be oiled. And the game will begin again.

I can't wait!

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