Monday, February 11, 2013

In the Field with Gary Crabbe

I had the privilege a few weeks ago to spend some time with Gary Crabbe, a well-known landscape photographer from the Bay Area. We spent a fair amount of time talking business, but also headed out to the rice fields south of Chico to catch the late afternoon light.

There were an amazing number of birds in the area, including geese and swans, and I was able to capture a few good images of the birds in flight.
Swans and Snow Geese
Swans in flight
As the sun began to set, we noticed the merest crescent of a moon in the west. I was able to a couple of nice shots, including geese and jets passing the moon.
Geese fly past the crescent moon.
Jet passes crescent moon at sunset.
As the sun set, the cold wind really started to cut into us, so we packed up our gear and headed out; Gary south to the Bay Area and me east toward my home in the foothills. And even though it wasn't the greatest day for shooting, there's no such thing as a bad day for shooting.
Gray Crabbe catching the sunset in the rice fields.

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