Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Baby Lamb Portraits

Last weekend I had the pleasure of taking studio-style portraits of baby lambs at Chaffin Family Orchards.

Cute Overload
I had a wonderful time doing the portraits. Baby lambs are just about the cutest creatures known to man.

When I got to the farm, they were busy caring for the lambs and their mothers in their small barn. There really wasn't any room to set up lights or backgrounds, so I worked with the owner's son Josh to set up a small space outside the barn.

Impromptu lamb portrait studio
Josh was a great help as a lamb wrangler, bringing me different lambs for their portraits and preventing them from running off (which they tried to do the moment you let go of them). I couldn't have done the portraits without him.

I used a simple one to two light setup: Canon 580EX, Canon 550EX, 2 PocketWizard FlexTT5s, and a Canon 5D Mark II. I set up the lights left and right of the lambs and varied the light intensity for different lighting effects.

So sit back and prepare for total cute overload...

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