Saturday, January 28, 2012

New eBook Coming Out in February

In February - if I finish it on time - I will be publishing a new eBook titled Ten Years Ago Today. The book is a retrospective of 20 landscape photographs I took in 2002, the year that I got serious about landscape photography and the year before I decided to turn pro.

A big part of this book is about my journey to break away from the expectation that in order to be a good landscape photographer, I had to photograph all the 'usual suspects' - Tunnel View in Yosemite, the Tufa Towers in Mono Lake, the slot canyons of Arizona, star trails in the bristlecone pines, etc., etc.

And although I have shot some of those places, this book is about how I learned to find beauty in the place that I lived - the unglorious Sacramento Valley. The book is a celebration of finding your own vision, of cutting loose of images and expectations of others to find your own way of seeing the landscape - whatever landscape you have in front of you.

The book contains intimate details and descriptions of 20 images I took in 2002, including an examination of the composition, techniques used, and post-processing of every image. The book shows my growth and evolution as a photographer over that year - leading up to my decision to shoot professionally on January 1, 2003.

In my next post I'll include some samples from the book.

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