Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ten Years Ago Today eBook Coming Soon

I'm almost finished working on my new ebook, Ten Years Ago Today, a retrospective of my photography from 2002, the year I got really serious about photography. At the end of 2002, I made the decision to shoot professionally.

This ebook is a celebration of my break from simply trying to recreate the images of others and setting off on the process of discovering my own vision and photographic style.
"It’s a celebration of the year that I finally began to really see. It’s a celebration of the images that emerged from that learning process. And most importantly, it’s a celebration of freeing yourself from the common to explore something new; it’s a celebration of the value and necessity of finding and expressing your own vision. If nothing else, I hope this book inspires to find your own vision."
In the book, I examine 20 images I took in 2002 - ten years ago - why I took them, what I like about them, their compositional elements, and any special techniques or post processing used to make the final image stand out.

The book is a journey of photographic self-discovery and reflection. In fact, I learned a lot about myself in the process of writing this book. I learned the ways in which I've changed and grown in the past ten years, and some ways in which I haven't grown at all.

I think anyone who is a photographer will learn something from this book. And anyone who enjoys beautiful landscape photography will enjoy the images!

I've included a few sample pages here (click on the images to view full size):

When the book is ready (scheduled for February 17th), I will post a link to where you can purchase it here in my blog, and also on my website.


  1. I've always loved your California Gold series. One of my favorite areas on Earth. Congratulations on the book! -- Laurie LaGrone, Orland