Monday, January 24, 2011

Top Ten Most Viewed Images of 2010

Last year, I listed the top ten most viewed images of 2009, and I thought I'd do the same thing this year.

2010 was a very different year from 2009. Business was up dramatically, due to an improving economy, and my business changed radically in 2010 from previous years, shifting away from stock and more and more toward assignment work.

Unfortunately, virtually the same images ended up in the top ten most viewed this year as last year. I was hoping that some images taken in 2010 would end up in the top ten, but that didn't happen. Though people seem to be viewing most of the same photos as last year, as we'll see in a future post, the most viewed images were not necessarily the most sold images.

Here are the top ten most viewed photographs on my and sites.

Tower Bridge, Sacramento
1. The Tower Bridge in Sacramento

Sacramento Skyline at Night #2
2. Downtown Sacramento Skyline at Night

The Capitol Building at Sunset #3
3. The State Capitol Building at Sunset

Dusk in Old Sacramento #3
4. Old Sacramento at Night

Sacramento at Dusk
5. The Sacramento River and Skyline at Dusk

Ziggurat Building, West Sacramento
6. The Ziggurat Building in West Sacramento

Sacramento at Night
7. The Sacramento River at Night

Tower Bridge at Night #1
8. The Tower Bridge at Night

Elks Club Building, Sacramento
9. The Elks Club Building in Sacramento

Rice Field Panorama
10. Rice fields and the Sutter Buttes


  1. I love this photo and your previous ones of the almond blossoms; we are up in Tahoe and want to get out of the snow this weekend, but I guess it is still foggy down in Sacramento? And I guess we will wait until Valentine's Day to see the orchards! Beautiful photography! Thanks, your pictures inspire me to look forward to Spring!

  2. Toni, thanks for the comments!

    The almonds usually bloom in the last two weeks of February. Depending on the weather, Valentine's Day might be a bit early for the almond bloom.

    And yes, it's very foggy in the Valley right now. Enjoy your sunshine up there!