Monday, November 30, 2009

Give the Sacramento Valley for Christmas

Looking for a great gift? Under the Endless Sky: Landscapes of California's Sacramento Valley is the perfect gift if you want to share the beauty of the north state with friends and family.

Under the Endless Sky showcases the sometimes hidden beauty of the Sacramento Valley and the north state in beautiful color photography.

Including images from the mountains surrounding the valley (including Mt Shasta and Mt. Lassen), to the farms and fields that make up the valley floor, all the way to the Sacramento Delta, Under the Endless Sky shows the the Sacramento Valley in ways that few ever see it.

From the introduction:
For most people, the Sacramento Valley is not a beautiful place. To them, the valley is only what they see through their windshield as they rocket up the Interstate at 80 miles an hour in their rush to get through its oppressive summer heat to some cool, green destination in Oregon or Washington. And what they see are endless flat miles of dusty fields and orchards: rice, tomatoes, corn, almonds, olives and walnuts. Hot, boring, flat and repetitious.

But the Sacramento Valley is a true California landscape in its own right. It is a landscape not of wild rock or majestic forests, but of emerald rice fields under an endless blue sky and of golden sunsets reflected in the placid Sacramento River. It is a landscape of farms and of rolling hills; a peaceful and pastoral landscape, reminiscent of a California long gone in other parts of the state.

As a photographer, my challenge has been to find these places, to delve beneath the dusty, bland exterior that the valley shows to casual visitors, and to record the unseen beauty that hides in full view under the endless sky.
Under the Endless Sky is available at for $34.95, plus tax and shipping.

Landscapes of Cali...
By Anthony Dunn
Photo book   

View a preview of the Under the Endless Sky.

Here are just a few sample images:

Golden Foothills

Oak tree near the Sutter Buttes

California Poppies

Sunset on the Sacramento River

Peach Orchards near Marysville

Almond orchards in bloom

Snowy Egret

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