Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fall in Chico's Bidwell Park

Bidwell Park is the jewel of Chico, and one of the best seasons to visit and photograph the park is during the fall when the trees are changing color.

As a result, I've made an effort to visit the park several times over the past couple of weeks to record the changing seasons. There is still color in the trees in the park; hopefully I'll get a chance to visit at least once more before the leaves fall.

These photos say a lot about the natural environment of Chico and the north state, and can be used to communicate the lifestyle of Northern California. These images could be used by any business promoting the quality of life in Chico and Northern California, including banks, realtors, local business, job recruiters, or anyone trying to demonstrate that Chico is an attractive place to do business and live.

Here are a few images from my recent visits:

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  1. lovely! We used to live in Los Molinos (near Red Bluff) and have so many fond memories of Bidwell Park! We were back to visit Chico in October and had a lovely time...

    You should check out Dye Creek Ranch in the spring. It's wonderful!