Monday, February 3, 2014

Wildlife at the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge - Part 2

The second day of wildlife photography at the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge was a bit different than the first. A strong north wind had kicked in, and I was concerned about what that would do to the birds.

What it did was cause the ducks and geese to form tight groups deep in the reeds, far from prying eyes and difficult to shoot. However, the wind also made them skittish, and entire flocks would suddenly burst into the air when one bird got disturbed.

A flock of snow geese take flight.
With some patience, I was able to get a number of good images of the geese both taking off and landing.

Snow geese come in for a landing.
Overall, the wind had the effect of keeping the birds on the ground. In the case of the geese and most of the ducks, it meant they were far away and hard to see, but for other species, it made them easier to shoot, because they were reluctant to take off. So, overall, the two days balanced out in the opportunities and images they provided.

Mallard couple
Great blue heron
Great egret
Great egret with feather ruffled by the wind.

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