Monday, January 7, 2013

My Ten Favorite Photos of 2012

Every year I post my ten favorite photos for that year. You can view my favorite photos of 20112010 and 2009. 2012 was a much more productive year than 2011 (partly because I wasn't in the middle of buying a house), and I did a much wider variety of work in 2012 than in 2011.


I actually did very little architecture work in 2012. However, I did take a number of images of our new house.

The two images below were part of series of images that I did of our house during the year. Both of these images relied on using a 24 foot tall camera stand and multiple layered exposures to get the shots. I wrote blog posts on both of these images here and here.


The image below was taken for Valentine's Day, and is one of my favorite food shots ever. There is a blog post on this shoot here.

What I love about this shot is its simplicity and the play of color and texture. I did a post on this shoot here.


I didn't do as much landscape work this year as in other years, but I did capture some dramatic images.

This image is a composite of 30 images taken over the duration of the annular eclipse of the sun that occurred on May 20th.

I also captured a couple of stunning sunsets over the rice fields. The first was taken in February, just before they drain the rice fields, and the other was taken in early December, right after they flood the rice fields.


In February, I took my studio strobes into the field to record the almond bloom using studio lighting. The shoot resulted in some unique images.

I also had the opportunity to do some baseball still lifes with a nostalgia theme. This was a very fun shoot, partly because I got to buy a lot of beat up old baseball gear on eBay.

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