Monday, November 19, 2012

Reflections of Flooded Rice Fields

Late fall and winter are my favorite times for photographing in the rice fields in the Sacramento Valley. The crop has been harvested and the fields begin to be flooded to break down the stubble. On a quiet day, the flooded fields become like mirrors, reflecting the sky and clouds in an amazing way.

Flooded rice fields (click to view larger)
Photographs of the flooded fields can be beautiful, but being in the fields themselves, sitting on some levee surrounded by water - with amazing reflections in every direction - that's a whole other experience. It's like being suspended in space, completely surrounded by sky.

Even if I weren't a photographer, I would go out into the fields during the fall and winter just to experience that. 

Flooded Rice Fields
I definitely think you can count on me posting more of these shots as the winter progresses. Sadly, they begin to drain the fields in the middle of February, so I have to make sure to get out before then.

Flooded Rice Fields
Flooded Rice Fields

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