Monday, October 29, 2012

Sunset Over Gray Lodge Wildlife Area

It's beginning to be that time of year, when millions of ducks and geese return to winter in the Sacramento Valley.

Sunset over Gray Lodge
Gray Lodge State Wildlife Area is one of the main wildlife preserves in the Sacramento Valley. I happened to be there the day before the start of duck season this year, so much of the preserve was packed with hunters reading themselves for the hunt the next day.

I found a quiet spot far from the hunters to capture the beautiful sunset. Unfortunately, it wasn't far from the mosquitoes. Literal clouds of of mosquitoes rose from the shore of the wetlands every time I approached to take a picture, I had to keep in continual motion to avoid being devoured by the thirsty winged hordes. Stopping, even for a couple of seconds to change lenses, resulted in several bites.

There were 446 mosquitoes in this picture. I know because I counted them as I cloned them out of the image in Photoshop.
Still, it was a beautiful sunset and I managed to get a number of wonderful images, despite my bites. I just feel sorry for the camping hunters who had nowhere to run to to get away from the beasts.

Sunset over Gray Lodge
Sunset over Gray Lodge

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