Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cruisin' Classics of Paradise Antique Car Show

For a bit of change of pace, I went to the Paradise antique car show last Saturday. I enjoy old cars, but I'm not a fanatic in any way.

What I like best about old cars are the fascinating little details that can make very interesting abstract images. I like to shoot antique cars very close up, either with a macro lens or a wide angle zoom in order to focus on and isolate some of the interesting abstract shapes.

This particular sky was brutally hot and sunny. I spent about an hour photographing the cars and was exhausted! Sunny conditions are particularly difficult for shooting cars due to the harsh shadows, specular highlights, and bright reflections. Focusing on small details is one way to work around the difficulties of the conditions.

1957 Packard Hawk
1956 Corvette
1940 Ford
Paint Detail - 1940 Ford
1956 Ford Victoria

1939 Chevrolette
Hood - 1957 Thunderbird

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