Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More Almond Flowers

Well, it's that time of year, and with the weather as iffy as it's been, I've taken every opportunity to get out and photograph the almond bloom before the wind and rain do it in - and the almond crop with it.

I had intended to go up in the air to do an aerial shoot of the almond bloom last weekend, but the clouds made that an iffy proposition, particularly given the cost of chartering a plane. So instead, I headed out in my truck. Turned out to be a beautiful day - go figure.

I got a lot of nice photos of the flowers, and was rewarded with a colorful sunset at the end.

Almond Flowers
Close up of almond flowers (Glenn County)

Almond Flowers
Row of almond trees (Glenn County)

Almond Flower Close up of almond flower

Almond Flowers
More almond flowers - they are beautiful

Almond Orchard at Sunset
An almond tree glows in the light of the setting sun (east of Willows, Glenn County)

Sunset over the Sacramento Valley
And finally, the day ended with a dramatic sunset.

I'm still hoping to get up in the air this coming weekend to get the bloom before it ends, but the weather is not looking cooperative - they are predicting snow on the Valley floor, which could ruin the almond crop.

Keep your fingers crossed that doesn't happen and we get some clear warm weather.

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