Monday, February 7, 2011

Gallery Showing - March 4th - 26th

My photography will be on display at the Orland Art Center and Gallery from March 4th to 26th.

My work will be part of a exhibit titled "Beautiful Northern California" and will include works of three other artists - James Gregg, Charlie Osborn and Richard Verkuyl.

Though my work spans the length and breadth of northern California, for this exhibit my focus will be on the under-appreciated beauty of the rural and agricultural landscapes of the Sacramento Valley. Generally considered to be little more than "hot, flat and dusty", the Sacramento Valley is in reality a rich landscape full of contrasts and beauty.

Rice Harvest near Marysville

Golden Foothills

Come see for yourself! There will be an artists' reception on March 4th, from 3 - 7pm. I will be there, but probably only after about 4:30.

The show will run from March 4th through March 26th. The Gallery is open 1pm - 7pm Tuesday through Saturday, and is located at 732 Fourth Street, Orland, CA.

Almond orchards in bloom

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