Monday, May 16, 2011

More Spring in the Foothills

We've been blessed this year with a long luxurious spring, due mostly to the heavy winter rains and the moderate temperatures (that will change soon, I'm sure).

Rows of Hills
Hills on Newville Road.

It has given me plenty of opportunities to get out to the west side of the Sacramento Valley, to remote and obscure places like Newville, Paskenta, and Sites, to capture the beauty of the foothills in spring. The green that lasted so long this year is rapidly fading, turning rapidly into the 'California gold' that is both dull and beautiful at the same time.

Oaks on the Hills
Oaks near Newville

Newville Road
Newville Road

Oak Tree on Hills near Newville.
Oak tree against the hills

But spring isn't quite done yet, and I'll have more photos before it's done!


  1. Wow, that is very interesting..
    are those real shots?


  2. I fave the 3rd picture. The perspective is beyond imagining. Such a composition of ground, grass, mountains and the sky is perfectly perfect *if such sentence exist*. Contrast of colors and the shadow reflecting on the grounds makes it more alive. Am not looking at a picture; am looking at nature. Well done Tony!